Call for papers: Workshop on Citizenship and Identity.

Call for papers: Citizenship Workshop – Citizenship and Identity

European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group 

The intersection between citizenship and identity: Contemporary processes of differentiation and exclusion

Workshop 7-8 June 2017, University of Portsmouth

DEADLINE: 3 April 2017

This workshop seeks to provide a critical context for theoretical and empirical examinations of the intersection between citizenship and identity. Observed as the dynamic bond between a sovereign political community and the individual, citizenship is expected to shape community-building processes. The significance of identity in these processes cannot be stressed enough – it is, only, by bringing citizenship and identity together that ‘imagined community’ can be turned real in the minds and lives of citizens and non-citizens. In the case of national citizenships for example, identity has reconfigured citizens’ sense of belonging by adding geographically and culturally exclusionary layers to their pre-existing identities linked to race, gender, sexuality and class. If anything, on-going policy and academic debates about the genuine meaning of and the most appropriate methods for addressing current crises (like the refugee crisis, Brexit, post-colonial developments and so on) underscore that the intersection between citizenship and identity is here to stay and continues to nourish group struggles for recognition. Whether or not more inclusive approaches – through for example the introduction of EU and world citizenships – can have a meaningful and substantial response to these crises is yet to be seen.

This workshop welcomes theoretical and empirical papers addressing the intersection between citizenship and identity. Specifically:

  • Citizenship and identity across political, social and economic spheres.
  • Nation, nationalism and the state in citizenship / identity studies.
  • The meaning of the “other”, “imagined community” and political community.
  • Processes of differentiation, inclusion and exclusion.
  • Identity and the link between participation and good citizenship.
  • Citizenship and categorisation as apparent in national/transnational and cosmopolitan contexts.

This workshop is an opportunity for a more focused gathering of scholars currently working in the field of identity and citizenship studies. The objective of the workshop is to ensure intensive and thorough discussion of full papers and to pave the way for future collaboration between our scholars in attendance. Due to the more focussed nature of this event, places are limited.

In the first instance, we invite abstract proposals of no more than 250 words, and information of paper title, author, affiliation, current position and contact email. To submit an abstract, please email Nora or Niels no later than Monday, 3 April, 2017.

Upon accepting the proposal, we will ask for full draft of papers from all of our presenters. The deadline for full papers will be 26th May 2017 (two weeks before the workshop taking place). For inquiries, please contact: Dr Niels Nørgaard Kristensen (Aalborg University, Denmark), Dr Nora Siklodi (University of Portsmouth, UK), or Prof. Trond Solhaug (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway).

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