STEAM Education: A Global HipHop Perspective

This workshop explores how HipHop can reconfigure educational practices by taking an artistic approach to educational and social reforms.

Time & Location: Tuesday 10th of March 2020, 2- 3.30 pm, University of Portsmouth – Denis Sciama Building, Room 2.14.

Tickets free, but please do register:

Description: Featuring two prominent American scholars and community activists in the fields of Arts and Science education, this workshop explores how HipHop can reconfigure educational practices. Taking an artistic approach to educational and social reforms, participants will reflect and analyse issues that arise in particular areas of contemporary culture: race, gender, class, entrenched inequities and misperception of urban youth. With this understanding of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), incorporating creativity to solve educational inequalities and global problems, participants will be asked to think critically on the definitive purpose of art and apply it to “HOW” they welcome youth culture into educational spaces for the training of all students.

Speakers: Angela, M. Mosley, Edmund S. Adjapong

Convener biographies:

Chicago native, Angela M. Mosley has established herself as a prominent leader in the arts, education, and activism. Bringing over 20 years of experience in community development and civic leadership, Angela holds a BFA and a M.Ed. degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Iowa State University and recently completed her Ph.D. coursework in Art Aesthetics and Philosophy. She navigates life between the States and abroad, performing and guest lecturing within various organizations and institutions on the Arts in support of social justice, embracing alterity through genderism, educational disparities among marginalized communities, and the characteristics of a global leader.

Dr. Edmund Adjapong is an Assistant Professor of Education at Seton Hall University. He is also a faculty fellow at The Institute for Urban and Multicultural Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and author of #HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-Hop Education Volume 1. Dr. Adjapong is a former middle school science educator at a New York City public school in The Bronx. He is the director of the Science Genius Program, a program that engages urban students in the sciences through Hip-Hop, and the director of The Science Genius Academy, a program that encourages and prepares students to pursue STEM careers while providing mentoring and support. Dr. Adjapong is a STEM and Urban Education advocate whose work and research addresses issues of race, class, inequities in education and misperceptions of urban youth. He focuses on how to incorporate youth culture into educational spaces. 

Tickets free, but please do register:

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